Full Circle Magazine for Ubuntu Geeks

fullcirclemagazine.jpgNot enough with the community forum, now you can learn more about Ubuntu from this free Full Circle Magazine, a Ubuntu magazine released by the Ubuntu community itself.

The current issue is #0 and it is ready for download. It covers about Ubuntu history and new features in Ubuntu 7.04.

This magazine was released in 6 languages, English, Russian, Spanish, Galician, Dutch and Indonesian. If you are interested to be the translator, you can join the translation team and release this magazine in your national language and you can distribute this magazine for your country.

Cypher: I have downloaded the English version and will read it when I at home.:d

Full Circle Magazine for Ubuntu Users [via CyberNet News]


  1. thats nice..

    ive been trying to dualboot ubuntu 7.04 with vista. installation went fine, but the troubles emerge when i tried connecting to the internet. seems that 7.04 doesnt support Intel NIC 82566DC.

    darn.. ill try compiling new kernel for that.. huhu.. :-w

  2. [Comment ID #46766 Will Be Quoted Here]

    check on the internet. maybe you can found the solutions to fix that. ask Mr Google. he knows everything. :d

  3. Hai if u have doubts check it out at