No more Windows XP on 2008

Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP to PC developers and PC sellers next year — 2008. So, if you buy new PC, you will not get Windows XP installed but instead you will get Windows Vista ready in the PC.

Microsoft will stop selling Windows XP to PC makers such as Dell, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard by January 31, a company representative confirmed Thursday. The software maker will stop selling XP to system builders, the smaller custom PC makers, a year later, the representative said.

No more Windows XP as of 2008 [via CNET News]

This means, Microsoft want to wash away all Windows XP and users will have Windows Vista in their home. But for current Windows XP users, to move from Windows XP to Windows Vista will cost them more money. This is because, Vista use high performance and system resources and peoples need to upgrade their system.

But, before you decided to upgrade your system, maybe you might want to check your system here, Is your system ready for Windows Vista upgrade?. If your system is ready to use Widnows Vista, don’t wasting your money on the upgrade.

And those who live in Malaysia, PIKOM PC-Fair has arrived. It is the best time for you to buy things and upgrade your system.


  1. The evolution has begun.

  2. IMO, vista is just some fancy OS with the same function as XP. I won’t be wasting my money to upgrade unless I really need to. 🙂

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    yup. the evolution has begun.

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    ha3. me too. there is no point wasting my money just want to upgrade to vista.

  4. buy pirated version la.. copy is right what
    rm 10 for ultimate pack haha!
    and those min requirement need to run vista is a not so true… my friend pc doesn’t pass vista min requirement yet he is using vista right now.. lol, btw vista is ram hunger.. and look almost like mac os… -_-‘

  5. If your system is ready to use Widnows Vista, don’t wasting your money on the upgrade.

    What did you mean with this part? By the way, i do think of upgrading to vista because i have a legal copy from my university. it is windows vista business and i am waiting for free vista ultimate. haha.

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    have you try it yet, nova?

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    uh? i mean if your computer is already have high performance with 2Gb of RAM, have plenty amount of hard disk space, etc, so don’t wasting your money buying new RAM card or replace new motherboard.

    btw can you get me a copy of the vista ultimate? :d

  7. syafik dah try…. bukan try, tgh guna
    crack dia = time stopper, kira expired date tu 30 hari gitu je tak abis2

  8. kau tak try ke? nanti buat la review sikit pasal vista nih.

  9. aku malas nak try.. laptop aku free space 1.67g lagi, malas nak format/delete barang-barang aku.. nanti aku men pc syafik pastu aku review..itu pun kalo aku ingat haha

  10. i love to get you a copy but just one key is limited to one student. 🙂

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    hak3. apa lagi. gi la upgrade ke desktop. btw kat kelantan murah2 tak part pc?

    [Comment ID #38187 Will Be Quoted Here]

    cannot do it in illegal way ha? hu3. :d

  12. hmm.. mine is ready n oso can use vista… but, to change to vista? duh… boleh ke main upgrade ke vista? if free.. tak kisah ar..