Is your system ready for Windows Vista upgrade?

Many peoples talk about Windows Vista nowadays. It is kind of the ultimate product from Microsoft. From the graphics used, the new systems and softwares version embed, and everything else.

379433552 6bc2f0f29aBut to run Windows Vista (Vista) as smooth as it is to be, you must make sure that your computer is ready for Vista. Vista need, urm… well…sort of high system performance. If you are not sure whether your computer system is ready for Vista or not, take your PC to Vista Readiness test.

Vista Readiness will check your system and see if your current system specifications are compatible with Vista or not. It will perform 7 tests and you must run the tests in Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is because, Vista Readiness will run ActiveX to gather all the informations needed for the tests.

After that, Vista Readiness will display the result. There will be two categories, Minimum Requirements and Recommended. For Minimum Requirements, it is the basic specifications needed to run Windows Vista Basic. But Vista Readiness not recommend you to upgrade your current Windows to Windows Vista unless your system passed the Recommended specifications.

Btw there is another tool to check your system, Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is a 32-bit application that will help you to determine if your Windows XP-based PC can run Windows Vista. Download the application and run Upgrade Advisor.

But I have a question to ask, if your computer is ready for Vista upgrade, will you upgrade it? [tags]windows, microsoft, windows vista, vista, software[/tags]


  1. i think i’ll stay with my windows xp.. didnt care much bout the interface though, im using vista transformation pack instead..

    well if my current processor started to give me headache, mybe i’ll have a second thought to upgrade all the system

  2. me too. right now, there are not many softwares and games that support vista. so better to stay to win xp.

  3. dgr-dgr, yg service pack pertama dah nak kuar dah…mesti banyak bug tue…tunggu dua-tiga bulan sebelum beli… 😕

  4. poor vista! i wont upgrade,mebi end of this yr,after service pack 1 released (as steve balmer said,before end of 2007)..yep,there are not much (yeah,in term of interface,ya lah) innovations in this Longhorn code-named windoze..whew~

  5. I don’t think I’ll be using Vista, I only just upgraded from Windows 2000 Pro to XP..

    More likely I’ll head for Mac OS or Ubuntu 😀

    BTW I need more links!

  6. mane search button hang?:-?

  7. I too will stick with XP for the time being ….

  8. takyah arr vista nih..dah la besar size nyer..pastu system requirements tinggi..pakai je xp..weee..

  9. screw vista…
    its either XP or linux or back to MS-DOS!

  10. ermm… i want to upgrade, but i havent test the compatibility yet.. ermm.. so, for this moment, put it on hold.. :d

  11. dah pernah pakai beta dulu…tu pun support…lagi final…lagi ringan…kompen ble jalan…hahaha…tapi,malas sebab,aku nak wat keje…nanti tak larat plak photoshop,coreldraw,flash,windows media player,office aku nak jalan serentak…so,stay xp je dulu…

  12. Vista is great but for those who use Apple iPod,it can cause your iPod to a useless piece.Check for the futher information about this.:d

  13. if you all want to know, i will not upgrade this pc to vista yet unless all programs or softwares support it.

  14. The upgrade advisory says “I’m ready”, but I don’t feel like upgrading to the latest build 😀

  15. wa…dats mean you have high performance pc man. :d

  16. what a great post, i like it