CypherHackz.Net won Gold Award

First of all, I’m so sorry because not update my site more than a week. The internet services at my college was down and I can’t connect to the wireless access point. And I also had to postpone my project to another day that I will announce it later.

Webmaster Malaysia Gold Award Winner

But this is just a short note that, CypherHackz.Net has won Gold Award in Webmaster Malaysia Website Award Round One Results. Click the badge above to see other winners for Gold Award. Thanks to the panel judges and thanks to all of you who read and visit and be loyal readers to my site. 🙂 [tags]malaysia, webmaster, gold award[/tags]


  1. Congrats 🙂

  2. congrat for the achievement. You deserves that with all contribution you have made to WordPress users. 🙂

  3. congrats bro..

  4. Congratulations!!

  5. congrats man..

    im only managed to get silver tho :)>-

  6. Congrats, dude! 🙂

  7. Congrats dude on that. Keep the good work up

  8. tahniah ~ aku hanya mendapat silver medal..orait ar tu

  9. Congrats man .

  10. thanks guys! :d

  11. Tahniah bro… 🙂 memang layak pun dapat… :d

  12. thanks dude… 🙂

  13. congrate bro!bole mintak jadi sifo tak?heee..admire nie.. :d

  14. sifu? hu3. i’m not qualify enough to be sifu. :d

  15. :d xpe la,sy blaja skit2 la dgn cypher,ble?heee..

  16. hu3. boleh je. if ada apa2 masalah berkaitan ngan blogging, tanya la. tapi if tak dapat nak jawab, sorry ek. kui3. :d