WordPress Tips & Tricks Collection – Phase 1

I have a project that I want you, your friends, your friend’s friends, your friend’s friend’s friends, or anybody to participate in. The project that I talking about is, WordPress Tips & Tricks Collection.

Let me briefing it first. What exactly that I want to do is I want to combine all WordPress tips and tricks around the blogosphere into one big collection (collection of links). So, WordPress newbie or beginner or maybe advanced users can learn all those tips and tricks by using the collection that I will produce.

Phase 1 – The Gathering
For this project, there will be three phases. The first phase is The Gathering. In this phase, I will collect all WordPress tips and tricks around the blogosphere as many as I could. But to do that by my own is really tough. There are plenty tips and tricks out there. That’s why I’m asking you to join me in this project. But how?

You can help me by pingback (trackback) your WordPress tips and tricks to this post. I’m sure you know how to pingback your post, don’t you? Lol… This phase will start today (27th March 2007) and will end on next Tuesday (3rd April 2007).

Phase 2 – The Sorting
The next phase will be, The Sorting. I think I can do this part alone where I need to sort all of the tips and tricks into their categories (if any). And if the tips or tricks similiar/same with the another, maybe I will only choose one. But one thing that I want you to keep in mind is, make sure that the tips or tricks that you submit is made by your own. It will save me a lot of time. :d

Phase 3 – The Release
And the last phase is The Release. Once I finished sort all the links, I will publish them up here. Hopefully I can release the collection on 9th April 2007.

The Benefits
Ok, as a reader, you will learn new things. I’m not sure how many links will be in the collection but I’m sure it will takes you times to finish reading all of them.

And as the contributor, there are no rewards that I can give you but you will get some traffics and backlinks. Thats all I can think right now. 🙂

Well, if you have any ideas or suggestions, you can drop them in the comment form below. But don’t forget to tell this to your friends. We want to make a big collection of WordPress Tips & Tricks, so we need as many as possible contributors that we can get. Better start pingging now.[tags]project, wordpress project, tips & tricks[/tags]


  1. No I don’t know how to do a trackback. 😕 hehe..

    Anyway..1 hour before Wednesday 4th April. Here’s my trip and trick on using WordPress.

    How To Recover Your WordPress Login

  2. bro, found this, hope i’ll be somehow useful =]

    I’m a new user to WordPress so I’ve been having a blast messing with for the last two weeks. I’m slowly pulling together some ideas for optimizing posts better, as well as other various tricks. Since I wanted to use Permalinks to get nice pretty url’s for seo purposes, I was depressed to find out that the latest version of WP doesn’t let you include the category within the individual post urls.

    For instance it would great to have….


    So I’ve got two workarounds for this.

    1. Install WP in a folder that has a title based on keywords. I will probably use a broad term like advice, tips, recipes, articles, or ideas (instead of just using a folder titled ‘wordpress’ or ‘blog’).

    2. Include your category theme in each post title. I’ve started adding the actual category within each post title; so a new post on “Pasta Melt” would become “Italian: Pasta Melt”.

    Put all this together and you get a url such as…


    You can also use the ‘slug’ feature instead of adding the category to the post name, but I like having those keywords in the page content, PLUS the page title tag, and in the url as well.

    That’s my trick for the day!

  3. nak join boleh ker..macam tak der respon jer

  4. Even my mom liked it:))

  5. 11 сентября – оказывается День граненого стакана) с прошедшим!

  6. Как вам удаётся так часто обновлять свой проект? Поделитесь секретом?