CypherFS Orange for myCypherHackz.Net

I just finished make a new theme for my personal blog. I named it CypherFS Orange. Why orange? Because I use orange as its main colour. Lol…

Actually I can finish up this theme earlier but because of I was busy with my stuffs, my studies, so I had to put a side the development and focus on my works. But know what, I’m almost forgot about the theme until I visited my friend’s website. He is also just created his new theme and his theme is kinda clean and smart.

Btw guys, I need your opinion about this new theme. I’m glad to hear your opinions, suggestions or crticics, so I can improve it for my next theme (hopefully). [tags]wordpress, themes, cypherfs orange[/tags]


  1. Quite good, but isn’t it a little dull?

  2. maybe because of its dark colour. :d

  3. any plan to release it? if so please inform the date..;)

  4. I like it, I’m pretty hooked on orange myself ever since I did my Hockey Club website (we play in orange & black), similar color scheme to yours

  5. not sure yet coz i don’t think that i will release this theme to public. but i will tell ya when i’m ready.

  6. [Comment ID #32042 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol… i guess you like orange and black cuz your avatar also using the same scheme colour. :d

  7. It looks good man .

  8. Hmm, it’s not really orange…but it does look pretty suave.

  9. Awesome dude! :d

  10. ho3. thanks. actually im currently thinking should i release my themes to public or not. hurm…