How to delete Yahoo! Messenger status messages

yahoo-statusYahoo! Messenger is a well known instant messenger client where people use to chat with their family, friends or with other peoples. It also includes an option which we can set our own custom status message to be displayed beside our name in our friend’s messenger buddy list.

Old custom status messages will be replaced by the new one. That’s why Yahoo! does not include options to delete the status message history. But some people want to delete the status messages but they don’t know how.

Clear/Edit YahooMessenger Status History is a small utility coded with VisualBasic that will clear out your custom status messages. You can select which Yahoo! user ID in your computer that you want to edit and start change or delete the status messages for the ID. And you also can changing available custom status messages from the drop down list in your messenger. [tags]yahoo, yahoo messenger, messenger, tool, software[/tags]


Download Clear/Edit YahooMessenger Status History


  1. nice..maybe I can tell my friend about this since I am using meebo..huhu..

  2. This should have come with the messenger. Or they should have built a stealth mode of IM 😀

  3. please supply YM booting too :-\”

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    meebo is not popular as ym. :p

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    hopefully they will embed it in the next version.

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    ym booting? what is that man?

  5. tori silkwood says:

    delete me !!!!!

  6. Myspace is way better than Yahoo Messenger cause i h8 YM

  7. Why you said MySpace is better than YM?

  8. YM is no better than any other messenger. It all depends on the user demands and the functionality of the messenger at hand.

  9. how do i take off my messenger all together says:

    i would like to take off my messenger,but keep
    iam told i must shut down and start all over again ..
    if so please let me know . and tell me how i can do it??
    thank you

  10. Sorry, but what do you mean?

  11. sarah escoto says:

    i want to know how to delete yahoo messenger because eversince i downloaded it its giving my computer problems.

  12. DenneBean says:

    How do you delete the status messages on Yahoo! Mail Beta?

  13. fauzi_asrul says:

    plzzzz tell me how wnt delete yahoo messenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if u wnt help me this my email

  14. how to customize “Im on SMS” status message?

  15. you can find many useful yahoo programs at download section on

  16. I delete status message in registry editor

  17. This tool Steals password?

  18. nastypipit says:

    ei, this one’s not working at all.. i tried it! it did not work..

    Can anyone please post me the steps on how to use the program?


  19. it is a keylogger. i tried it lol. ~_~ not nice. found some malicious codes when i extracted them….

  20. how can i view if one persons status message is off line in yahoo messenger even if he is on line. please send the address of that website

  21. Go to this website:

  22. plz i have a problem so i want to delete my id ok ok plz f u can help me

  23. Michael Phillips says:

    Give me a step by step approach to the deletion of my status messages in Y! Updates in the Yahoo Messenger application.

  24. got trouble i want to delete my yahoo messenger account please asap, my account #is

  25. goingtofreakout says:

    anyone know how to delete status for ym for mac?

  26. edit your registry by start-run-regedit then
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ yahoo\ pager\ profiles\ {yahooID}\ Custom Msgs
    there delete the messages which you don’t want

  27. Good article. The link below is another article that provide step by step instructions to close Yahoo! account. Thankyou.

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  29. i want to delete my yahoo coz i dnt knw how to work this thing out it gives me problm with my facebook