The PR Update Begins

In my previous post, I said that Google maybe will update the pagerank in this month and it is most likely on 7th January. And comment from eches has support my post. Google have recently started updating their datacenters.

After I read his comment, I go check my pagerank. And the result is, almost datacenters display 5 for my pagerank. Duh… 🙁 Maybe in one or two days later, they will finish update all the datacenters and my site will be stay on 5 until the next update.

Actually I already knew that I will get PR 5 two days ago from iWebtool prediction. It shows that my site will get PR 5. But although I got pagerank 5, it is not the end of this site, right? Lol… :d

Btw I want to share another pagerank checker that might interested you to check out. This checker is different from the others pagerank checker available on the Net. You can try it here, PR Diff.

Ahh..btw what is your pagerank? 😕 [tags]pagerank, page rank, pr, google[/tags]


  1. 5 is better still as compared to mine, 4 but this is not the end of the world :d

  2. herm..kudos to you..
    my site from prediction should be at PR 4, but suddenly today when i check google Pr prediction again it change to PR3, but my site still at the same PR today..i dont hope so much..since less effort on that blog..still learning:d

  3. I have expecting PR5 but got only 3.

  4. Mine was PR 5 and will remain in that only. Hopefully I should get PR 6 by this year end. :d

  5. mine pr 2 only..8-|

  6. Mine was 5 too and will remain so :). Pageranks are only important for link exchanges and link trades. Otherwise hu cares abt them nw?

  7. My current PR is 0 and i tried the PR diff tool, No Changes Found in 75 Datacenters.

    With 5,938 backlinks , iWebtool predicted future pagerank as 5.6.

    Lets see what i get. :d

  8. My PR was 5, but for some strange reason its showing 0. Does Google hate me 🙁

  9. Hmm…mine is at 4 i think.
    The predictor said it could go down to 3 while the PR diff tool said it’s all 4 in 75 datacenters.

  10. masih 4, tapi dah naik lak… 😕

  11. [Comment ID #17114 Will Be Quoted Here]

    not sure dude. maybe they not yet finish update their datacenters.

  12. still a 3…. sigh

  13. Mine is only 2 :((

  14. i dunno what is wrong but the pr still showing 6 on my website.

    pr 6 ?? betol ke benda ni ? tahun lepas cam pr 2 je..

    untuk yg plak,
    Average PR: 5.8 | Max PR: 6 | Min PR: 4