Firefox gone wild with 101 Extensions

Wonder what your lovely Firefox will looks like if you use so many extensions? See the pic below.

This is sure crazy. What this guy doing with all of those extensions in his Firefox? Beside it will takes so long to open the Firefox, it also will eat the ram (read here: how to reduce firefox memory usage) so much. Unless this guy has 2Gigs of ram in his comp. But…it still eat the ram right? 😕

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Cypher: I only use 13 extensions for my Firefox.


  1. Just to remember what each little button does is painful hehe

  2. :)>-:d that firefox is :))

  3. that’s one crazy nut

  4. gilerhh gile
    mamat ni tgh dok syok sendiri main ngan extension kot?

  5. ie mane leh wat camtue… 😛

  6. Impressive! I have 15 extensions.

  7. hi have 33 extentions/addons in FF. but off lately i’m not able to use them………i guess its becoz of the antivermins malaware………..

    if any one could help…………

    ur support is highly appreciated.


  8. Hello 🙂 Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is cool. Thanks!