Working on my own WordPress theme

Currently I working on to make my own WordPress theme. I already knew basic HTML but I need to learn and master CSS. I want to learn how to use <div>. If using <table> it is easy because you can set which place you want to put the rows and the datas but if using <div>, it is all depends on CSS.

I think I want to use Dreamweaver as my platform to design and create the theme. But as you may know, if we using Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage, we are limited on the software it self. So I use EditPlus as my text editor to make my own WordPress theme.

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Btw I just make my own RSS feed icon to use on my site. It took me about 1 hour to design it. The hard part is when I want to design the RSS logo. At first, I don’t know but after tried so many times, at last I got the design. Any comments, condamns, etc? He3. [tags]wordpress, theme, rss, feed, icon[/tags]


  1. Yes..if we want to design our own themes, the basic thing that we need to know is xhtml and is VERY important to know those two..besides, releasing themes can improve your rank in enormous figure(but you have ranked well now, PR6 tu wei..) the are doing pretty well in developing plugins now.. 🙂

    The feeds logo looks promising to me..nice job time when you’re free, make one for me ok! hehehe..

  2. bagus..dah maju skrang nampaknya kekeke ;):)>- =d>
    erm, kat mesia ni agak² ada berapa juta org masih x gheti nak install blog wp or buat theme wp sendiri?
    kalo bukak bisnes design theme ok tak?
    aku busan ni…aku nak “projek” utk dibuat aarhh [-o<

  3. The feed logo looks nice . great work dude..

  4. Nice feed icon there 🙂
    anyway me also wanna learn css thingy,but dun have alot of time to spent learning the coding..huhu
    can I make a request?really hope that you can make a css 3 column themes(fixed width) hehe 😀

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    lol… the next prediction my site pr will be 5.

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    tuk skang ni yang aku tahu hanya lah ikram_zidane. die power dalam bab design mendesign site nih.

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    thanks man. really appreciate it. 🙂

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    i’m working on to make 2 sidebars right now. maybe after i successfully create this theme i will release the 3 sidebars. thanks for the suggestion man. 🙂

  6. haha.. what about, it’s nicer and menyejukkan mata
    keke \:d/

  7. ya. aisyahstudio is eye-candy sight. :d

  8. smart siutt :)>-

  9. he3. macih… :d

  10. cantik :d

  11. Keren… menarik bacaannya 🙂