Add StumbleUpon in your WordPress

That is why I love using WordPress for my website. You can do so many things with it. Lately I read about how LiewCF integrate StumbleUpon on his website. To do it is really simple.

  1. Open up your single.php (index.php is also can) file.
  2. Put this code in the file.

    <ahref=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>&title=<?php the_title(); ?>”><img src=”” alt=”Stumble It!”></a>

  3. Make sure you put that code in the loop or it will not work.
  4. Done!

If you don’t want image as the link for the StumbleUpon, you can replace it with simple text like Stumble It!, Thumbs Up!, etc. I know that you guys are creative. Lol… :d [tags]stumbleupon, tips, stumble[/tags]

For the demo, you can see the StumbleUpon button below my post. Stumble It! :p


  1. Nice tip dude …

  2. can my blog join it also..?

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    thanks bro! 🙂

    [Comment ID #15190 Will Be Quoted Here]

    sure. you just need to register your account at their website.

  4. good tips bro..

  5. Hello, cypherhackz..Just wondering, do you get my msg sent via your contact form?

  6. anyway cypher.. that the codes that i’ve been looking for before this. thanks a lot for the info.

  7. Hi Dude , i tried this thing , the image appers but the link assocciated with it is like this;title=How

    how do i correct this

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    thanks dude! 🙂

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    i thought i have sent the email to you bro. check your inbox.

    [Comment ID #15207 Will Be Quoted Here]

    no problem man. :d

    [Comment ID #15243 Will Be Quoted Here]

    copy the code above and see how it works. because aligned my post to display in vertify, so that code looks scrumble.

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