Optimus Keyboard – End of 2006? But When?

keyb 001

I have wrote an article about Optimus Keyboard last year (take note, it was last year – July 23rd 2005) but the article written in Malay. After a long wait, they still not yet announce when will they exact release date for the coolest keyboard. They only stated that it will out this end of 2006 but when?

But well, maybe because of they said,

We hope it will be released in 2006.

So we also can only hope that it will be released in this 2006 but when the exact date, we don’t know. Anyway, I’m sure there are many peoples want to try and use this LED keyboard. How about you? Do you will buy this modern high-tech keyboard? :)[tags]optimus keyboard, led keyboard, keyboard, led[/tags]


  1. could be the killer of the conventional keyboards … dont come cheap …

  2. its sure very expensive though… 🙁

  3. look nice but I don’t like fleshy stuff so I don’t think I’m gonna use the L.E.D keyboard. 🙂

  4. if i have money, i’m sure will buy it. i like cool stuffs ya know. ;))