10 Ways – Are you a Blogaholic?

Bloke has listed down 10 ways to know if you are a blogaholic. Let see if you are the one.

Note: This is just a summary from the list. For more details you can visit his post here, 10 Ways of Knowing if You are a Blogaholic

  1. Within a few minutes of publishing a post
  2. The last thing that you do before going to bed
  3. The first thing that you do when you get up in the morning
  4. If you are away from your computer for more than a few minutes
  5. Your sense of reality becomes so distorted
  6. When your computer is sick and in the shop
  7. You are so into your blog
  8. Before leaving the house
  9. You complain the next day
  10. You neglect yourself

Cypher: I think I am blogaholic because when I woke up in the morning, the first thing that I will do is check for any comments on my sites. Then before going to bed, I do the same thing. And almost of the time when I in my room, I will surf the Internet and blogging. [tags]blogaholic, addict, bloke, blog[/tags]


  1. I have all the symptoms of a Blogaholic 🙁

    I think, I’ll have to talk to my doc

  2. yea. sure dude. lol… :p

  3. emm..I could be next :d

  4. yea. i can see it from your site. :p

  5. After reading the list again I had no idea how sick I really was (or am ). 😕

    Cheers… BB!

  6. lol… same with me. :p