Stop Spams – Turn Off Vacation Response

stop spamEveryone hate spams and so do I. But if you don’t want more spams coming into your email, TURN OFF the Vacation Response setting in your email. [tags]spams protection, stop spams, spams[/tags]

Many email services include this options. By default it is turn off. But you can turn it on if you want to give auto-response to incoming emails while you are away or on a vacation.

Beware that turn this settings on will give spammers chance to keep spamming on you. How? Ok let say spammers send an email to you. Usually spam emails will directly send to Bulk/Spam Folder. If you turn on the Vacation Response setting, your email will automatically send a reply back to the spammers saying that you are away or something else that you have set it before. So when the spammers receive the email, they will know that your email is active and they will keep spamming on you.

So how to make sure your email has turn this setting off? Ok here how to do it in GMail and in Yahoo. Other email services I don’t know, but you can check their help page for more help. Anyway, I like GMail more because it include extra feature in Vacation Response setting. I’ll explain it below.


  1. After login into your GMail account, click on Settings .
  2. In General tab, scroll down to Vacation reponder.
  3. Make sure that Vacation responder is off.
  4. But if you still want to use Vacation responder, you can set it to Only send a response to people in my Contacts . So your email is less “vulnerable” to spammers. This is the extra feature that I told you before.


  1. In Yahoo, after you login to your email account, go to Options.
  2. Click on Vacation Reponse under Management.
  3. If Auto Responder is set to off, you will see Turn Auto-Response On button at the below of the page.
  4. And if you want to use Vacation Response, just simply click the button on.

Well I hope with this short post can help you to stop more spams coming to your inbox. If you like want to know more about how to setup Vacation Response, just follow these links:


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