Always backup your Databases! Why?

This is a warning to all of internet bloggers. Please, please and please backup your database(s) each time you publish new posts to your website. I don’t want what had happen to me maybe someday will happen to you.

Recently, my site has problem with 403 error in all subfolders under including subdomains. At first, I thought I did something wrong but I’m sure I didn’t edit any permissions that will give me the 403 Forbidden page. So I asked my hosting provider to check it out. After awhile, they reply my email and said that they have fixed the problem and my site is ready to go.

So I open up my site then I got this page:


My first impression when read this was shock, angry, frust, sad, everything negatives came into my mind. I don’t know what had happen to my database. Why it got disappeared? I don’t want to blame my hostee. I don’t want to blame anyone. Although I have some backup files but my last backup was 21st September. And it quite old. Hmm… Want or not, I have to use the backup file.

So my advice to those who read this is, always backup your databases. Don’t let this happen to you. Thanks you for your time… [tags]backup, tips, secure[/tags]

ps: Is my site load slower than before?


  1. yeah tat happened,.. but i did backup. crap but i think the auto backup plugin has a bug or smth.

    and yeah its running a bit slower…

  2. hmm…maybe because the backup file is not well organised make my site load slower. [-(

  3. wah..pity of you.sabaq noo…..
    so guys….learn from mistakes.

    the question is, how often we should backup our database ? is it full backup or incremental backup should be ok ?

  4. menakutkan dowh kalo jadi camni..tetiba hilang data..huhu..*aku kdg2 xleh nak masuk blog ko..nape ek?

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    i suggest you backup everyday.

    [Comment ID #14692 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ehm…tak tahu pulak aku. kat aku ok je. maybe sebab kau behind proxy server kot.