My article got plagiarized

Take a look at this article. Is the article looks the same like the article that I wrote?

I don’t care if he want to copy and use my article but at least put the author name or where he got the article. Dude… I don’t know how you can earn money by submitting my article as yours on that site but anyway I hope you “happy” with what you did.

ps: Guys…sorry if I’m little bit emo in this post. I just don’t feel like it when someone do like that. Plagiarize.


  1. wah, i think it’s exactly the same! report to the webmaster/google?

  2. i have send email report to the webmaster just now. dunno why this guy plagiarized my article. 🙁

  3. plagiatism is totally uncool.

  4. hi, you might want to check out creative commons initiative. 🙂

    Might be able to protect your work, or at least give you grounds to demand that they recognize you as the author if printed elsewhere.

  5. I hear you! I had many (not just one, mind you) of my personal blog posts copied word for word before. Its creepy why anyone would even think of plagirising personal posts! Anyway, like you, I posted it, word got around and eventually the copier which was from Singapore deleted her blog. So you should try to do something about it too.

  6. I’d suggest that you email the site’s owner and inform him about it. If that doesn’t help, report to google by clicking on ‘Ads by Google’ on his site. That way, Google will kick his ass and ban his Adsense account, maybe? What can his site do without Adsense?

    You get the idea… 😉

  7. My article has once got plagiarized. I e-mail the webmaster and ask him to delete the articles and provide backlink to me as a penalty. Serves him right 🙂

  8. My opinion.

    Maybe the person is just a new blogger, doesnt know what he/she does.

    1. Try Being Kind first – Everyone makes mistakes once awhile. Write something properly. People can change their ways sooner or later. Just be professional and reasonable. We are all human, we make mistakes too 😉

    2. If good ways doesnt help – Then report to Adsense.

    Just my 2 cent, alright? – You guys the experts here, I am nobody. 😉

    Cheers. 🙂

  9. Yeah your post was obviously plagiarised. Actually you should take it as a compliment. After all if your post was lousy nobody would want to copy it, right?

    – MENJ

  10. i have sent an email to the webmaster. now i’m waiting for their action to the plagiarizeed article. 🙂

  11. :)>-

  12. lol…wtf, the text are completely same, copy and paste, i think.. he should learn paraphasing

  13. lol… i knew that you learn in your class right? paraphrasing. :p

  14. still not got answers from webmaster?hehe…maybe its time for you to report to uncle google :d

  15. still nothing. they didn’t reply my email. should i email to google?

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