Create strong password with Password Chart

How strong your password is? Is it easy to guess? Using simple combinational characters? Or you don’t use any passwords at all in your life? Nah… I’m sure every each of you have their own password. Those who know how to surf the Internet should know how to use and how to create their password. But is your password really strong?

Can you remember these passwords?
Here are some examples of strong passwords:


Can you imagine how hard it is to remember these passwords? I admit that I also can’t remember these passwords. With all the special characters with multiple combinational used in the passwords, it is really hard to remember them. But with this tool (read below), you can create your own unguessable passwords without worrying to remember it.

How did you do that?
Password Chart is a password converter which will convert your password to more unbreakable password. Just type in the phrase that you can remember, Password Chart will create chart for your password and then type in the password that you want to convert. The password will automatically converted to more stronger password.

How it works?
Taken from the site:

  1. An MD5 hash of the chart selection phrase is performed and the first 4 bytes of the hash is used
    as a random number seed to a Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator.
  2. The password chart is then filled using sequences of 1 to 3 random upper and lower case letters and
    optionally numbers and punctuation by grabbing successive numbers generated from the Twister.
    The reason for the random sequence length is to make reversing the substitution cipher a bit harder.
  3. The alphanumeric characters in the password is then converted using the chart.

Basically it just convert your passwords based on the phrase you type in. :d

Last Note
To use this tool you must remember the phrase that you use for the password chart. If you forgot the phrase, you can’t retrieve the strong passwords. So, in life there is no easy way to get something. You have to sacrifice something if you want to get something. 😉

Link: Password Chart


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  2. woo, very interesting and useful at the same time…i need a stroooong password

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