Earn more money from Text Link Ads

Text Link AdsAfter about 3 months I sign up for Text Link Ads, I have made about $76 from it. It is not much comparing to other sites but at least I have make some money from my site.

I have sign up to 4 site revenues, Text Link Ads, Google AdSense, AdBrite and Chitika eMinimalls. From these 4 revenues, I earn more money from Text Link Ads. My site doesn’t get much from Google AdSense and none from Chitika. I get zero from Chitika because almost of my site visitors are from Malaysia and Asian countries. Thats mean even if they click on the ads, the clicks will not be recorded. Chitika only record clicks from supported countries like U.S, etc. Because of that I have removed Chitika ads from my site.

And I also have removed AdBrite marketplace from my site. After 3 months I put the AdBrite marketplace on my site, there is no one want to buy them. So the marketplace, removed.

Now I only run Google AdSense and Text Link Ads on my site. If you not yet sign up for Text Link Ads, you can sign up for free here. I recommend you all to try Text Link Ads and wait the check come direct to your house. 😉

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  1. bestnya.nanti aku pun nak register gaklah. :d

  2. Does text link ad pay per click. or on CPM basis or by some other method.

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    yup. do it now. :d

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    it based on how many text link ads sold on your site. if one link you will get $20, so if you can sell 5 links on your site, you will get $100 for that month.

  4. Do you have to enter tax info when you sign up like you have to for adsense?

  5. [Comment ID #14173 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you only have to enter your address if you want the cheque send to your home or type in your email if you want to be paid by paypal. 🙂

  6. wow…that is quite a lot from text link ads alone. I have tried it…but it wasn’t as good as adsense for me.

  7. grizzlyaddam says:

    Chess water nut betul!!…..Aku punya blogspot takleh letak TLA sebab tak famous…..

    Hmmm…I think I’ll redo my Blog and blog it with WordPress….I baru nak berjinak2 dengan wordpress and I got this nice free hosting that can install WP for me….

    Just asking, U pakai host berbayar ke or free? just curious that’s all….

  8. the text link ads website is down now :d

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    if you have good traffic ranking, you can get a lot from tla.

    [Comment ID #14178 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i pakai hosting yang berbayar. setiap tahun habis duit. hu3.

    [Comment ID #14182 Will Be Quoted Here]

    it works fine on me. maybe it down a moment. :d

  10. errmm…how about me bro..can i reg it..bcoz i;m not using my own hosting just under azmie.net..can i or not..

  11. sure. you can. but as i know site must be in english.

  12. Salam Geng,
    nak tnaya lar..sy ade juga resgiter dengan tla ni..tapi sampai sekarang masih lum buat betul2..
    dulu mase memula reg ade dapat email yg menyatakan website sy tak mempunyai ciri2 yg dicari.

    dia antara isi email tu :-
    “We are sorry but the inventory you have suggested http://website.com/blog has been declined at this time. The main reasons inventory is declined is:

    -The website does not have enough link popularity.

    -The website does not have enough traffic.

    -The website is currently selling text link ads.

    *Please note that our algorithm that accepts or rejects inventory submissions can make mistakes and if you feel the above criteria does not accurately describe your website, please reply to this email asking for further review by our editorial staff.”

    naktanya tang sebab ketiga tu “-The website is currently selling text link ads.”..
    adekah ini bermaksud sebab website saya sekarang dah ade adsense jadi dia tolak web kita?
    kalau betul adekah kita kene disable adsense tu sementara mendapatkan approval dari tla?
    dan bila dah approve,buleh ke on adsense semula?tak langgar tos dua2 program ni ke?
    sebab ramai kan yg guna kedua2 program ni serentak di website diorang.

  13. sebab yang ketiga itu tak mungkin kerana saya juga turut menggunakan adsense. mungkin anda ditolak kerana website anda tidak mempunyai traffic yang tinggi dan popularity yang rendah.

  14. ic..
    kalau camtu maknanya adsense bukan lah penyebab permohonan ditolak.

  15. See I recently opened http://www.bontb.com well 3 weeks ago to be exact and I am already receiving 300-700 a day. And I sing up with TLA and they rejected me, due to what? I don’t get it, could it be because my site is too young ? I got around 140 links on yahoo and some on Google. :((
    What do you think ?

  16. joe, tla not only counts on your visitors but also your pagerank. minimum is pr4. 🙂

  17. Oh ok, I think i am at pr2 lol, i got some ways then to get pr4 🙂

    See when they rejected me they didn’t say not 1 thing , all they say is that they need more backlinks or whatever.

    Thanks for the replay visit my blog if u get a chance 🙂

  18. when you have many backlinks, your pr also will increase. so, good luck! :d

  19. hie,
    does it take any terms to be approved by Text Ads link??
    im interested to put their ads on my site.

  20. your website must at least PR4. 🙂

  21. Amiruddin says:

    i hope my site will be accepted. :d

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