Text Links Ads: Alternative to Google’s AdSense

After few days my site been approved by Text Link Ads, I have earned dolars from it by selling one text link ad on my site. If you noticed, there is a link on my sidebar under “Text Link Ads”. The ad will be there until the end of this month.


What is Text Link Ads?
Text Link Ads is not a pay per click program like Google AdSense but it is a program where you sell your site space to advertisers. For each text link ads sold, you will get half revenue from it. Let say the text link ad worth about $50, you will get $25 from it. With one link you’ll get $25, how about if you can sell 3 or 4 links or maybe more? You will get more than $100 for that month. There is a webmaster have make $600 just from selling text link ads on his site. Don’t you want to be like him?

Can I display Text Link Ads with Google AdSense?
As mentioned above, Text Link Ads is not a pay per click or contextually served ad system. You can display Text Link Ads on the same page with Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network and other contextually served ads. So don’t worry because you are not violating one of Google AdSense policy.

How do I get paid?
You will get paid via check or paypal. Minimum payout is $25. I currently don’t receive the payment yet because only I sold one link early this month. The payments are only sent to publishers the first of every month. I hope I can sell more text link ads on my site before next month.

How to register?
To register your site for Text Link Ads is easy. Submit your site to be approved into their publisher program, insert ad code and wait for advertisers buying your ads space. For wordpress user, there is a plugin where you can use to insert the code without you have to copy all the code into your site page.

More about Text Link Ads
If you want to know more about Text Link Ads, you can visit their site at www.text-link-ads.com


  1. aku baru nak join…huhuhuhu tak puas ati ngko dapat $10…

  2. Pixie nak jugak, guna blog free such blogdrive boleh ke..?? Anyway, I don’t have paypal account! Help me…

  3. [Comment ID #11132 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Join… Jangan tak join… $10.00 = RM38.00 Banyak tu… :d

    [Comment ID #11133 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You can register for free at Paypal. Aku pun baru daftar Paypal hari tu. Hu3. 🙂

  4. I’m sorry because they comment in Malay.

    I think you need to increase your site PR. TLA calculation pricing is based on traffic ranking, PR and site’s theme.

    We use our own pricing algorithm that factors in: the traffic of your website, theme of your website, and link popularity of your website.

  5. hey mate, help me out a bit ? I don’t know how to implement step 1 even! Can u be so kind as to drop me an answer? Much appreciated. I just got approved though. Cheers!

  6. Did you mean the .xml file?

    After you get the code, you need to create a blank .xml file
    Name it to “local_*****.xml”

    Replace * with your TLA id then upload it to your root directory. Then CHMOD it to 666.

    Hope this helps!
    Tell me if you have anything to ask… 😉

  7. yeap got the script runing already, but i hope i’d get someone to advertise on my site, although i’m not bankin too much hope. my site still pretty sucky haha,

  8. Text Link Ads looks like a really exciting opportunity for the amateur blogger to make a few extra dollars. Unfortunately it doesn’t lend itself to Blogger blogs just yet. It’d be nice if TLA sorted this out because they are missing out on a lot of very popular (and high PR) Blogger blogs. I live in hope.

  9. TLA is now available for Bloggers. i guess you better sign-up now. and if you don’t mind, use my affiliate link instead. :d

  10. how to Install the codes on the site, Could you Explain Breifly, so that iam use it to install in my website, addedm the local file to the root directory and changed the permision to 666, i also created a text_link_ads.php file and added the code Obtained from Text link ads, Now what should i Do to make the code Work.
    Please Explain Breifly
    Thanks in Advance