Get Rapidshare Free Premium Account

Sometime Rapidshare will give free premium account. With this premium account, you can download unlimited files. Which mean, you can download how many files that you want without have to wait like in free download. To check wether the free premium accounts are available, you must get this Rapidshare Free Premium Account Checker.

Main features:

  • Checks availability of free Premium RapidShare Accounts
  • Manual Check
  • Programmable timer
  • Starts with Windows
  • Runs in system tray
  • Popups balloon/plays sound/opens RS page when there are free accounts
  • Proxy support
  • Extreme fast (uses GZIP)


RapidShare Free Premium Accounts Checker [Blog Is Everything]


  1. for free rapidshare accounts visit

    and also get paid for your posting articles and win rapidshare on your posts

  2. I need working Rapidshare premium account. Please send to


  3. it says..file not found…please upload it again..

  4. Can anyone send me username and password on this mail:
    Thanks in front

  5. hi buddies
    here you can find an account, it’ll take a few minutes to find one, i did it in 4 mins! but please dont change the passwords so others can use. by the way, the accounts are active for 1 year. (PLEASE DON’T CHANGE THE PASSWORDS)

    enjoy! 🙂

  6. nstylekk, i tried for almost an hour i cant finy any. Pls share yours. I swear i won’t change the password, unlike all these ungrateful clowns.

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  8. New working Rapidshare premium accounts .Don´t change passwords. It´s for all.
    Enjoy !

  9. + archive password:

  10. :(( the above link is a fake. none of the username and passwork works. joholo is adding points to get his free premium account.

    Can some one give me a username/pass for few days, please. I wont change the password. I dont have a credit card to create one.

    Thank you in advance, Cheers. KMA

  11. Hey KMA, I find in Johoho´s pack of accounts 2 working acc.In´t see all pass – is them very much.Try search again. It´s no fake, but peoples always change pass :(.

    Johoho: Thanks 🙂

  12. Hi Cron. the same list was published a in july this year, without changing any numbers. Hi could you please share a working username /pass for me

  13. johoho pass is wrong please help me

  14. Here not Fake
    Just 5 accounts collected with premium points
    So I share , i don’t need 5 accounts just for me

  15. Styckades says:

  17. student_engg says:

    VISHAL, where is the link or site to which u r telling to SIGN UP

  18. heres a list of new premium accounts. i don’t need all of them, get them before other people change the passwords.

  19. student_engg says:

    Do not d/l this file as it doesn’t invlude any premium accounts. I tried it and it’s fake. this must be in attempt to gain premium points to extend own rapidshare account SO PLS DONT D/L this file

  20. Hello guys,

    Would be greatful if someone can please e-mail me the username and password for rapidshare.

    God Bless You,

  21. hai this is ashraf

    i request to all . to send me a rapid share premium accout to my mail id,,, i promise i won’t change the password

  22. could u plz send me an premium account i will never change the password:

  23. thanks in advavced for the rapidshare account and i promise not to change the promise. plz send it on my email address

  24. thanks in advavced for the rapidshare account and i promise not to change the promise. plz send it on my email address

  25. plz send me a valid rapidshare premium account at the following email address; is an urgent requirement for me.i promised that I should never change the password.plz,plz,plz help me

  26. johoho , pls send me user/pwd for rapid share premium acc, to my mail id :

    just for few days , i will be very much thankfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll to u.

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