Plaintext passwords in Firefox

Go to Tools > Options and click on Password tab. Then click on View Saved Passwords. Now click Show Passwords to reveal all saved passwords in Firefox. 😮

Wow� It really reveal all the saved passwords in plaintext. I never knew about this before. But fortunately only me use this computer. I hope there is no one read my passwords.

How to secure it?
To secure all the saved passwords, you must setup your Master Password. And if there is someone who want to reveal the saved passwords, s/he need to enter Master Password first before they can view the saved passwords.

Secure your saved passwords in Firefox [gHacks] [tags]firefox, internet, softwares, privacy[/tags]


  1. Interesting, its really amazing that you think you’re a great hacker. You click on a button that says “view saved passwords” and you’re completely thrown back when it shows you saved passwords. Who would have ever believed that?

  2. I have tested it on my Firefox and it really shows me passwords that I saved. But I don’t know when did I saved my passwords.

  3. I would say storing password is a bad practice. Even if its not stored in plaintext, someone can still unecrypt it easily. So I would say, I have never believed in it and I dont think I ever will. Storing it in my brains works just fine and I always remember to click “NO!” when they ask to store passwords. Perhaps, you tried to do the same and accident hit “YES!” while having “Do Not Ask Me This Again” ticked. Whatever it is, thanks for the sharing the information 😉

    p/s: I dont have any stored passwords on my side, just checked to confirm before posting this reply 🙂

  4. yeah, i’ve tried it, that’s why i turned off the feature. Who knows somebody will steal all of your passwords, or design a malicious software that could mine your firefox passwords?

  5. Hallaj:
    Yup. But I am sure that I never save any passwords in Firefox. Hmm…although I use multiple passwords but I still remember all of them.

    Same here. I have disabled it from keep asking me. :)>-