Yahoo WebRank

Usually we only know about Google PageRank. Like my site, pagerank 5. But do you know, Yahoo has its pagerank too? But it is not Yahoo PageRank but it is called Yahoo WebRank.

Yahoo WebRank is a rank assigned to URL by Yahoo on a scale of 0-10. You can check your website webrank here.

I check my site webrank with ‘www’ and without ‘www’, the result still same. My site’s webrank is 0. How lame… Lol… :d

Anyway, what is your site’s webrank?


  1. good info there.. hoho~ i winder how its work.. is it just like google pagerank with only the different name? 😮

  2. aku punye pun 0 :((

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    Aku rasa lebih kurang macam Google PageRank gak tapi ni Yahoo. So die akan chekc popularity link kau kat Yahoo.

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    [lagu] Kita serupa… Kita serupa… :d