Start Firefox with Multiple Tabs

Each time I start Firefox, Google is the first page that will open up. To visit other sites, I push Ctrl+T many times to open new tabs. But do you know how to start Firefox with multiple tabs so you don’t have to hold Ctrl+T or righ-click > New Tab to open new tabs when you start your Firefox?

Here I will show you how to do it. But don’t try this at IE because it will not work. I guarantee it. :p

Start Firefox with Multiple Tabs
Fig 1

Ok, after you open up Firefox, go to Tools > Options. In General tab, you will see Home Page. In the box (Fig 1), is the url that your Firefox will open up when you open Firefox. To do the multiple tabs trick, just put this | between urls (Fig 2). For example,||

Start Firefox with Multiple Tabs
Fig 2

This will open, and in their own tab.

If you don’t have Firefox, you can download it for free here:

Cypher says: When I open up Firefox, the first three things that I want to check are my site, my email and my friendster. :d


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  3. Ya, Its a great tip

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  6. what about IE? I hate Firfox.