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No one read your blog? Try this free service to promote your blog and get your blog traffic explode! Blog Explosion is a well known blog traffic generator where you read other people blogs and they will read your blog. It is easy and it is totally 100% free.

But before you sign-up for Blog Explosion, make sure your site must be in English or your apllication will be rejected. This happen to me months ago. Lol… :d It will only take about 2 or 3 days for your site been accepted by them. After that you can start earning credits by surfing other members blog. For every 2 blogs you read, you will earn 1 credit. With this 1 credit you can assign it to bring one visitor to your blog.

Beside earning credits by visiting other blogs, they also offer a referral program which you can use to get more traffics. They will assign 15%, 10% and 5% more traffics generated from the members you refer through three levels. It seems like multi-level marketing right? Anyway, it’s worth!

I have sign up and my site traffic increases since that. So, what are you waiting for? Boost your blog traffic today! Click here to sign-up.


  1. well if that’s the case then it would be useless to me since my blog is multilingual…;)

  2. :d But you can try other traffic generator sites such as Blogazoo, Blogmosh and Blogadvance.