Happy New Year 2013

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Happy New Year!

I am very excited today because last night at 12.00 midnight 1 January 2013, I launched my new Elfbytes Web Hosting layout and our new web development service to the public.

Just in case you want to see how the website looks like before and after the update, check this out!


Elfbytes is now running on Genesis Framework. The reason why I choose Genesis Framework because it is so easy to maintain and customize. You already have the framework, so what you just need to do is to create a theme and touch up a little bit to make it looks so attractive and nice.

Oh ya, this year I will setup a new business. Hopefully it can be launched on second quarter of this year. I already have the domain name, the logo, the packages, and the only thing that I need now is a suitable WordPress theme for that website.

I guess that is my main target for this year. Hopefully it will be successful. Wish me luck, and happy new year everyone! 😉