Malware Calendar Wallpaper by Kaspersky Lab

Malware Calendar Wallpaper for August 2012

Sometimes I love to change my desktop wallpaper with something that is more refreshing and interesting. While looking for a wallpaper in Google, I found a malware calendar wallpaper which I can put as background on my desktop.

This malware calendar wallpaper is consisting of 12 wallpapers that were published by Kaspersky Lab. The project was started since last year, 2011 where they released one wallpaper for each month.

But since early of this year, Kaspersky Lab published the whole 12 month wallpapers in one place for where you can download freely from Malware Calendar.

These wallpapers contain the history of virus breaks and computer crimes that were happened in previous years.


  1. The sample features great design for wall calendars. Kaspersky Lab could earn by having copies printed out and selling them.