CypherHackz.Net is now on Genesis Framework

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha diucapkan kepada anda dan semua pembaca sekalian… -CypherHackz-

New design – CypherFS GOhrange running on Genesis Framework

On February 13th, I’ve asked you is it worth to get Genesis Framework for my blog? Many top bloggers are using Genesis Framework and I was thinking to convert my theme too.

In mid September, I make my move and bought Genesis Framework. First theme that I converted to Genesis is my personal blog at Blog Aku. Then I start create and convert more child themes as you can see at Pengendali Blog and Pengedar Emas.

Yesterday I decided to convert CypherHackz.Net theme. During the initial process, I got an idea it is better to create new one than using the old design. It took me one day to finish up the design and do some modifications.

Old design – CypherFS DarkSide coded manually

The best thing when using Genesis Framework is you doesn’t have to code the theme structure. The only thing that you need to do is modify the CSS file and you’re done. But if you want to add or remove some areas, just do it in the functions.php file. Just simple as that.

Genesis Development page helps me a lot. They have a lot of resources and tutorials where you can follow to create your own child theme for Genesis.

I named this theme as CypherFS GOhrange because it is a combination of Genesis, Oh~, and Orange. I know it is difficult to pronounce and it’s a kinda weird name. Heh!

But hopefully this theme will stand for years and I don’t have to redesign a new one. So what do you guys think? Any comments or critics are welcome.


  1. great theme friends . i hope i can afford to buy this awesome theme .

  2. I’ve heard a lot about Thesis framework. Do you know what is the difference between Genesis Framework and Thesis Framework? Any idea which framework loads faster?

  3. wow .. the design and loading time looks stunning! Maybe i will convert my site to Genesis too.. the name is the same name for a nuclear weapon in Gundam Seed Destiny..

  4. Yeay, finally found another Malaysian blogger with depth interest in Genesis. I think there are very few Malaysians like to use Genesis, more people prefer Thesis over Genesis.