VaultPress Review – Ultimate WordPress Backup Solution

VaultPress – A WordPress backup solution by Automattic

I received my VaultPress Golden Ticket a few weeks ago. I thought the ticket has no expiration date but I was wrong. Nearly to its expiration date which was yesterday, I decided to use and install VaultPress in one of my blogs.

And here is my VaultPress review…

What is VaultPress?

VaultPress is a WordPress plugin developed by Automattic, the same person who created WordPress. This plugin will backup all your files and data such as uploads, plugins, themes and database and transfer them to VaultPress server. All the processes are done automatically and in real-time!

Let’s say you published a new article with a JPEG to your blog, VaultPress will backup the article together with the image file to VaultPress server. And you don’t have to worry anything because VaultPress will keep monitoring of any changes that has been made on your blog and will sync them with their server.

Sign Up VaultPress

Plans and pricing for VaultPress

Currently VaultPress is in private beta release and you must have the Golden Ticket to sign up. The ticket can be requested from the Apply for VaultPress page and as an early customer, you will receive a discounted price to use VaultPress. Alternatively, you also can contact me directly to get the VaultPress Golden Ticket. I can send you the ticket via email.

VaultPress Plans & Pricing starts with Basic which is $20USD per blog per month ($15USD if you have the Golden Ticket). But all payments will be credited into your credit card which I don’t prefer very much. I prefer to use PayPal for the payment. Hope they will put PayPal under payment method in future.

Using VaultPress

One VaultPress plugin for one WordPress blog

After the payment has been made, you will need to have a account to enter VaultPress dashboard. From the dashboard, you can download the plugin and install it into your WordPress blog.

Once installed, VaultPress will start doing his work. It will begin transferring files starting from uploads, plugins, themes and lastly the database. All files under these folders will be transferred to VaultPress server.

VaultPress backup in progress

But in my opinion, it is better to start the backup with the database first. The database is the most important thing for a blog. Without the database, the blog is nothing. So it is better to start the backup starting with the database.

During the backup process, you can see the progress either from your WordPress dashboard or from your VaultPress dashboard. It will take a few hours to complete, especially if you have many files and the database is too big.

VaultPress Dashboard shows the details of the last snapshot of your blog

But as long as you install VaultPress, just leave it to do his work and don’t worry about your blog. It is really a peace of mind when you have VaultPress to take care your blog from the inside.


Unlimited backup archives by VaultPress

VaultPress is the ultimate WordPress backup solution. Just install it, and forget about it. It will do his work in real-time and sync the backup even when you changed a setting in your WordPress blog.

This is the first time I don’t have to worry about my blog. If something goes wrong, I know that I have a complete and the latest backup of my blog.

I can request another Golden Ticket and thinking to use it for my CypherHackz.Net blog. And yes, if I want to have VaultPress to take care my blog, I need to add another extra $15USD in my monthly budget.

Although the price is expensive, but VaultPress is really worth it. Recommend! 🙂

Pros & Cons

+ Backups everything (uploads, plugins, themes, database)
+ Real time backup
+ Unlimited backup storage
+ Downloadable backup archives
+ Stats and activity logs
+ Security and vulnerabilities scanning (Premium and Enterprise package only)

– Expensive
– No PayPal subscription


  1. Thanks for the good review!

  2. Planning to make a backup of my blog and gotta give this a try

  3. backup to another server? i thought, backup to our own personal computer for safety. should try this backup solutions, if i have surplus of cash this month.

  4. Absolutely true that backup/monitoring is essential, but it doesn’t have to be quite so expensive, and it shouldn’t be unique to WP sites.

    CodeGuard ( extends the malware monitoring, can handle non-WordPress sites, and is cheaper. They’re still in closed beta, but you can get in with a free account (and likely a free trial Pro account) using “CGLongCH” as the coupon code.

  5. Take a look at myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin, it provides a remote and fully automated WordPress, website & mySQL database backup service with prices starting at just 2 cents per day.

  6. Is there any reseller or retailer for vault press in malaysia selangor?

  7. I don’t think we have reseller or retailer in Malaysia. Need to subscribe online using credit card.

  8. I think having paypal not there as a form of payment a PRO.

    Paypal sucks

  9. Backuping your WordPress data is a must if you value the security of your files. If you can’t afford VaultPress (because it’s too expensive), why not try the manual way of backuping all your WordPress files?

    You can use any free FTP software. You can also use Dreamweaver and utilize its Get function.

    If manual is not an option for you, ask your web host to backup the files for you. Several web host providers do this service for free. You can email your provider’s customer support and ask them to do that.

  10. backup buddy will do..

  11. I don’t see much difference using Vault Press (and monthly paying) vs using WP DB Manager and using host cron jobs to guard your files. At 10 or 5 usd, I wouldn’t put much thought to it, and probably sign up, however at this price and not offering much over free options, I am sticking with DB Manager and cron jobs.

  12. Interesting but it’s too expensive. I rather stick to manually initiating my backups.

  13. The difference between WP DB Backup and Vaultpress is, Vaultpress will backup your data automatically and the number of backup is unlimited. Even if you change a configuration settings in WordPress, Vaultpress will automatically create a new backup of the new changes.

    • @CypherHackz
      Does that means, if there’s any modification has been made to the settings or added a new post or updated new plugin; a new backup/restore point is created?

      Could you please elaborate this point?


    • Yes, it is! VaultPress plugin will ping VaultPress server, and it will start creating new backup for the changes (database, plugins, uploads, and themes). 🙂