Delete Files in C:\Windows\Installer

I was shocked when found out free space in my C drive is only 94MB left. At first I thought it was because of a virus attack so I did run virus scan on my computer but got negative result. So I run disk space analyzer and here is the result.


As you can see, 7GB space has been occupied by Installer folder in my C drive. But is it safe to remove all those files from my system?

The answer is Yes! But in the future, you might having trouble when want to remove installed programs completely. This is because, C:\Windows\Installer contains a copy of changed system info when you install a program using the Windows installer. With this file, your system can restore back to its original condition when you remove the program using the Add/Remove Programs.

But in my situation, I don’t care with the problem or trouble or anything because what I want is the free space in my C drive. So what I did was,

1. I downloaded and installed Windows Installer CleanUp Utility.

2. Go to Start > Run and type,

“C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up\msizap.exe” G!

3. Click Ok.

Then I wait until Windows Installer CleanUp Utility finished doing its job. And here is the result,


I have 4GB of free space available in my C drive. Yay!

Warning! The command that I give here might corrupt your system and requires to reinstall or repair.


  1. Good tips, I never used it though. I have 14.8GB left for my c drive 🙂

  2. i don’t have to feel anxious b’coz my C have about 26 GB free space…
    but actually, recently my compie slow down and it sucks! maybe i should give it a try with this cleanup utility…

    and let me ask you some question.. what’s the different between this cleanup utility and C cleaner?


  3. wew. nice sharing bro. i never use this stuff b4. i never realized that folder in “there” .. haha..

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