Successfully Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

Phew! In about 10 minutes, I have successfully upgraded all my 7 blogs to the latest WordPress version 2.7 , codename Coltrane.

It will be very crazy if I use FTP to upload the files one by one because there are many files need to be uploaded to the server. Especially when I have many blogs need to be updated. So I used SSH access to extract the WordPress .ZIP file and copy all the latest version files from one temporary folder to my blog folders. It is a lot easier and save a lot of time.

Opinion on WordPress 2.7

Personally, I like the new interface of the dashboard. The navigation link is now at the left side of the page with the AJAX dropdown menu. So it is easier for the blogger to navigate from one page to another.

The interface for writing new post is smaller than the previous version. For me, I don’t care too much about the editor page because I always use BlogDesk to write new posts. I recommend you guys to use BlogDesk if you have WordPress. BlogDesk is very powerful desktop blogging client. You can read my BlogDesk review here .

Watch the video

BTW, have you watched the video from WordPress? Maybe some of you have. But for those who have not yet watch the video, you can watch it below.

So, have you upgraded your WordPress?

Cypher: Feel safe after upgraded all my WordPress blogs.


  1. Wait, if you’re using SSH anyway, why don’t you just update your WordPress straight from the repository? Not like that matters now anyway since you do the same thing from the Admin.

    But in the case when you want to update multiple blogs. SSH and updating from the WordPress repository is much better than uploading and unzipping the files on the server itself. At least it automatically deleted old files as well, removing the obsolete files which would fill up over time.

  2. I know we can do like that. But is it secure buddy?

  3. Of course, it’s no more dangerous than using SSH for what you’re doing as well. It’s even more secure when you have a key installed.

    A lot of us do it especially when we test the WordPress nightlies.

  4. Is the Adsense Earnings plugin working for you under WP 2.7? It won’t work for me.