Twitter – What do you Tweet about?

I have a Twitter account but I really seldom to update my Twitter page. Everyday, I see many of the persons that I following their Twitter updates always have new messages on their page. They always have something in their mind and tweet about it.

I do not know what should I do with my Twitter. If you see my Twitter page, I only have less than 10 Twitter updates. All the updates were sent through the Twitter website.

Twitter is very flexible. You can send the update via their website, mobile phone or from instant messaging client. Some prefer to update by using their mobile phone because the mobile phone is always at their hand. But for me, I prefer to update from the website because I can type faster than typing from the mobile phone keypad.

Although I can update from anywhere, but the problem is, I need ideas to update my Twitter. Currently, I still trying to learn the trend in Twitter-ing. Mostly I see that Twitter users typed about their new blog post. It is like promoting your blog by using Twitter. I think it is a good idea but how long do you want to use Twitter as your blog promoting platform? Maybe need a more aggressive idea that will make your friends to love following your Tweets.

So, how about you? What do you do Tweet about?


  1. I usually tweet about stuff I can’t be bothered to write full length blog posts about. I usually don’t promote my own blog when I tweet.

    I added the Twitter application on Facebook, installed Twitterfox on Firefox just so I’m not terribly dependent on logging unto the site and/or texting in my Tweets.

  2. Thanks for your info about Twitterfox. I am trying it right now.

  3. I don’t like it when twitter is used to promote every blog post. I usually don’t even read them if they do. I use it only for updates about my personal life or short comic sayings. I do put on occasion put up links to stuff.

  4. I only registered at twitter few days ago. So far I tweet links to my posts (automatically), “my mood” type of stuff and tweet/retweet some links I think are worth attention.

    For me it’s something like RSS+IM+delicious (so far).

  5. I’m slowly getting into twitter. I’m trying to tweet just stuff I think people will find useful, i.e. useful links, web apps, solutions. I haven’t tried asking a tech question yet but Ill have a go at that sometime soon.

  6. Right now I retweet about what other poeple tweet. Sometime I share something that is worth to share.

  7. I twitter about waking up and going to sleep

    nah, random things I like to share

  8. sometimes, there’s a lot of twitter update from other user which always suggesting a good link for web designing, and etc.

    now i love twittering.


    but, if anybody follow my twittering just because he/she want to promote their “making money blog”, sorry to say, i hate it.