Picasa – Digital Photo Organizer from Google

Many of you may already heard about Picasa, one of the Google product which is used to organize photos more easily. I just bought a digital camera, Sony DSC-H50, a few weeks ago and already took about 200 photos by using that camera. All the photos are stored in my external hard drive sorted by date in their respective folders.

Picasa main interface.

Although the photos are well managed (maybe) in the folders but I still need to use Picasa because in Picasa I can view multiple photos at once. It is also really easy to jump from a photo in a folder to the another photo from a different folder.

With Picasa, I can tag the photos that I want for better future searching. Let say if the photo is about macro snapped, I tagged that photo with “macro” and the next time when I want to search for macro photos, I just search for “macro” tag from the search field and Picasa will display the photo immediately.

One of my macro photo.

Picasa also support albums. With albums, I can organize my photos based on the event or where I took that photos. I can create many albums as I want because there is no limitations in creating the albums. When I put that photo into an album, that photo is not copied to the album but Picasa points that photo to the album. So we lose no hard disk space when using Picasa.

Another thing that I like about Picasa because it is light. It uses about 5MB of RAM which I think it is not that much especially for nowadays computers which equipped with 2GB of RAM. Picasa also took about one to two seconds to start from my laptop. In my opinion it is fast compared to other photo organizers like ACDSee and Ulead PhotoExplorer which take longer time to start.

The Picasa photo editing tools.

Picasa is not just a normal photo organizer. It also has photo editing tools like crop, auto contrast, auto colour, effects and many thing else. But I never use that features because I have Adobe Photoshop to do that. I just using Picasa as my photo organizer to keep my photos more manageable.

But the one thing that I really want Picasa to has in the upcoming version is to integrate with Flickr. I have a Flickr account and I always upload my photos to Flickr. If Picasa supports Flickr, it will be the best photo organizer that I ever used.

How about you? Which photo organizer that you use?


  1. Seen Picasa but never tried it. Used the windows photo sorter and adobe. Maybe should try picasa

  2. I do use Picasa only because its from the mother ship Google. I have not used it for mass amounts of pics but I am looking to do that. I would like to know which out of Picasa and Flickr saves in the higher resolution.

  3. #kruel74 – Maybe you should try. It is fast and very convenience.

    #tecben – Flickr can save high resolution pictures but you need to have pro account for that.