EarthView – Have the Earth on your desktop

Our Earth is really amazing and beautiful. I really wanted to see the Earth from the above space with my naked eyes but there will have no chance that I can travel to the outer space to do that. Although I cannot see the Earth from the above side but there is a software that can put the Earth onto my desktop. And I can see the Earth anytime when I needed by looking to the desktop.

EarthView from DeskSoft is a software that enables you to have the Earth on your desktop. It is a dynamic wallpaper and screensaver changer where it will change the daylight view of the Earth at a specific interval time that you can set.

I have tested three EarthView alike softwares, EarthView, DesktopEarth, and EarthDesk. After installed and tested the above three, I found that EarthView is the most customizable and have the glob projection which I like the most. You also can set the globe to appear at any place on your desktop and you can project the view from any direction.

Like in the picture above, I place the globe at the bottom right of my desktop with coordinate 25X 25Y. It is really amazing to watch your country from that location and see the changes of the day and night.

Try it by yourself and tell me what is your opinion about this software. If you don’t think EarthView is good, you can test the other two softwares that I mentioned above. Choose which one that is really suits you. For me, I will stick using EarthView because I can view the Earth in globe projection.


  1. nice post bro… i like ur blog… would you like to add me as your friends? i’ve subscribed to ur blog…

  2. Thanks for your comment buddy. 🙂

  3. what’s the difference between the free and the purchased one?

  4. Not sure about the purchased one. I got it from a friend.

  5. What about the RAM consumption of the three? Which is the least?

  6. Sorry Ajay. I didn’t check the RAM consumption.

  7. This is cool.

    We tend to forget how beautiful planet is – and forget to treat her with precious care. It’s after all our only home!