Print Screen Website with WebShot


WebShot is a software that allows you to print screen your website from top to the bottom. The function that it gives is same like you press the print screen key on the keyboard. But if using normal print screen, it will only capture half of your website. With WebShot you capture the whole page!

You can save the output in various picture formats in JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP formats. WebShot will automatically determine the width and height of the website to ensure that it captures the website accurately.

The process to capture the website page does not take too long. It depends on your connection speed because WebShot will connect to the target website and will snap it and then will save the image into your local drive.

WebShot uses Internet Explorer as the browser. The developer always tested the software using the latest Internet Explorer which is currently version 7. If you have Internet Explorer version 6 and below, I recommend you to upgrade to the latest version. This is because in the lower version, the CSS style is not rendered accordingly which make the print screened image will not look exactly as it should.

WebShot is a freeware and the installer file size is below than 1MB. I think you should get the software because you can make an album of your visited websites. :p


  1. thanx bro.. nie la sopware yg jepang cari..
    aritu ader visit blog orang lain tp xingat yg mana satu..


  2. Bit complex solution. 🙂 Decent screenshot tools allow to capture scrolling windows – they just scroll it and sew shots in one.

    Works with any browser or non-browser app that has vertical scroll.

    I guess WebShot can help if you have page with horizontal scrol.. Which is kinda rare.

  3. But if we scrolling the window, it will capture the taskbar and all the other things right? Correct me if I am wrong.

  4. Nope, it allows to choose not whole window but window area – where actual content is.

    I use FastStone Capture (old freeware version) for this.

  5. Just a suggestion, one alternative for the software is Fireshot. It is a firefox extension that can also do this.. It can also have a screenshot of the whole website. 🙂

    You can also edit it immediately after the screenshot 😀

  6. #Rarst – I see… Thanks for the info mate. 🙂

    #Xhitman – Fireshot? That is nice. Direct printscreen from Firefox.

  7. Nice find buddy. Earlier i used printscreen and had to be contend with half image

  8. interestiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  9. thanks man for this

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