Taskbar Shuffle – Reorganize your Taskbar Buttons

Sometimes when you open too many applications and folders, your taskbar will be flooded with so many taskbar buttons. And if you are a neat person and love everything in order, you might want to organize the buttons properly so you can do your job more efficiently. To do that, I suggest you to get Taskbar Shuffle.


Taskbar Shuffle is a small program that able you to re-arrange the taskbar buttons. You are freely to re-organize the buttons as you want by just drag and drop the button.

Put your favourite application button near to the Start button or you can put away less priority file button at the end. To close an application is easier when using Taskbar Shuffle. Just middle-clicking the application button and the application will close immediately.


You also can use Taskbar Shuffle to rearrange the icons on the system tray.

Some people might think that this software is not useful. But for me, it helps me a lot in organizing my applications at one time. What is your opinion?


  1. good software..i like it..
    make my life easier.thx u..

  2. wah…taskbar pun dah bleh shuffle..hehe

  3. 2 la psl..
    lepas ni ape yg shuffle lak xtau..
    but it’s cool though..

  4. zuraimey says:

    still don`t know how to use it

  5. #zuraimey – To use it is simple. Install, run the application, drag and drop the taskbar buttons.

  6. I use this program too, definitely a MUST have. I only started using it a few months ago, but MAN! Been looking for something like this for almost 10 years, lol.

    Works on XP and Vista. 😉