Delete or Erase files with Eraser

I use my PC mostly for blogging, internet surfing and sometimes pay bills online. I also store sensitive information such as my education grades (this can be sensitive information too :p ) in my PC. Everything that I do and files that I saved are recorded and stored into the hard disk. Even though I have deleted the files and removed “the traces”, they are still exist in my hard disk.

Maybe you have heard about this. When we delete a file, the file that we have deleted is not removed from our hard disk entirely. It is still exist in our hard disk but the operating system doesn’t know where to find it because the first byte of the file has been changed to E5 (a HEX value). The data is still remains on the hard disk unchanged unless when a new data is written on it.


If you have sensitive documents in your PC or you don’t want somebody else found what you did with the PC, you can wipe your traces by using Eraser. Eraser is a powerful tool that can help you to cover up your tracks. This freeware tool will overwrite the file up to 35 times when using Guttmann technique.

Let say you saved your medical report in your PC and want to delete it. You can Shift + Delete the file but as I mentioned earlier, the file is still exist on the hard disk as long as no new data been written on it. So, use Eraser and delete the file entirely.


Eraser provides many features. You can use it to delete and move files or folders securely. It also can remove everything in your Recycle Bin in just a snap. Just right click on the Recycle Bin icon and choose which technique that you want to use to clean up your Recycle Bin.

  • Works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP (32/64),Vista (32/64), Windows Server 2003 and DOS. It works with any drive including IDE, SCSI and RAID, and CD-RW’s.
  • Uses the Guttmann (Default), Pseudorandom Data and US DoD 5220-22.M methods.
  • Erases Files and Folders.
  • Erases Files/Folders that were only previously ‘deleted’.
  • Erases all hard drives using ‘Darik’s Boot and Nuke’ method.
  • Erases Index.dat on Reboot
  • Erases Encrypted Files and Drives.
  • Erases FreeSpace on 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and DOS.
  • Erases contents of the Recycle Bin.
  • Erases Compressed Files and Drives.
  • Erases Network Files, Floppy Disks, CD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW.
  • Erases Windows Temporary Files.
  • Erases Internet Cookies.
  • Erases Paging (swap) file.
  • Erases Internet Cache.
  • Appears as an ‘Erase’ option on the Context Menu of Windows Explorer and Recycle Bin.
  • Comes with an Eraser Scheduler that allows you to create user-defined tasks.
  • Defeats File Recovery software applications Hardware tools.
  • Supports FAT32 and NTFS Files Systems.
  • Eraser is easy to use and comes with a dedicated support network.

Another great feature that I like in Eraser is, you can overwrite free spaces in your hard disk by using Eraser. With this, your privacy will be protected because the unallocated data on the hard disk will be wiped out completely.


Your credit card numbers, bank account number and everything that you keep in your PC can be recoverable even you have deleted them from your PC. Use Eraser! There is no business issue here. I get nothing when promoting this software. I just want to share with you this tip so you can protect your privacy and no one will be able to compromise you in the future.


  1. that is a usefull program bro! tahnks for the info.

  2. It’s free and it make sure the file won’t come back when using recovery tool.
    Going to get it now.

  3. No problem. Glad that you found it usefull.

  4. Thank u cypher