CheckIt Registry Cleaner – Fix registry errors

Hi guys, I got a useful software from Smith Micro Software and would like to write a review about it. It is about optimizing your computer registry by fixing the errors. Usually, when you uninstall a software, there are still some files and registry values left behind. This problem will reduce your PC performance. Even though you have dual core PC with big memory installed, your PC will become slower and slower when there are more errors in the registry.

CheckIt Registry Cleaner – Main Menu

CheckIt Registry Cleaner is a small size software that will help you to remove all those files and fix the errors. The interface is simple and nice. I really like software that has simple and nice interface because it will make me more comfortable to use it. I do not need to be a computer expert to use it because everything is clear. You already know which button to click once you see the interface.

The installation took less than a minute. But when the installation has finished, CheckIt will automatically run without I need to click the finish button first. I do not know why it be like that. In my opinion, I think it is better if CheckIt let the users to decide whether they want to run CheckIt after the installation or not.

There are 13 scan categories. I run CheckIt to scan all the categories. The scan took about 2 minutes to complete and found 241 errors in my registry. *wow* After the scan is finished, CheckIt will automatically create a backup copy of the entries that will be removed. Then it will remove or fix the errors.

CheckIt on duty

Next, I just want to test whether CheckIt left some errors behind but when I did the second attempt, no errors were found. *clap* Nice! That was what I said when I see the result. No errors were found for the second scan is good to me. This mean CheckIt had successfully removed or fixed all the errors that it has found. Then I restarted my PC to see how fast it boots. The result, my PC took less time than before which I can say, impressive.

On the GUI, there are two buttons named with “Bonuses” and “Recommended Software”. Both will open Internet Explorer when clicked. I think, CheckIt should open the website in the user default browser (which in my case, Firefox). Some people, like me, don’t like to open websites in IE. I am more preferred to use Firefox.

The Help file that comes with the installation gives some descriptions about what CheckIt is able to do. They are simple and I think it should be simple because CheckIt is already simple. So people will already understand the purpose of the software.

For the FAQ part, I thought it is offline but I was wrong. FAQ is online so you must have internet connection if you want to read the FAQ. And again, it is open in IE.

We have heard about CheckIt’s performance, what it capable of, what are the things that I like and don’t like, etc. So is it free? Na…it is not free. I am sorry to say this software is not free. It costs you $29.99USD. I can’t say more about the price. It is all depends on you whether the price is reasonable or not. So if you wish to get a copy of this software, you can go to the website.


  1. Looks like a decent tool. Currently I am using Eusing Registry Cleaner. This one looks more comprehensive.

  2. Hmmm…looks good, I’ll try it.

    BTW, why don’t you update your blog more often?

  3. Hi, thanks for your concern. Right now I am busy with my final exams. That is why I can’t post more often. 🙂

  4. hmm…it’s a gud software. but i am more comfortable to use CCleaner. you can clean up your space, fix registry, uninstall prgram and fix start up together with the same program.

  5. It looks pretty much the same as registry mechanic. Anyway good luck in your exam bro. All the best!

  6. Good luck with your exams buddy! 🙂

  7. #syam – Totally agree with you. CCleaner is not just free but it is also can do a lot of things. Anyway, I got this software for free. 😛

    #eches – Thanks buddy.

    #Haris – Thanks dude… 🙂

  8. Looks like a decent tool. Currently I am using Eusing Registry Cleaner. This one looks more comprehensive.

  9. PC Optimizer pro from tweakingtools is also a good and decent registry cleaner tool……

  10. i really find registry cleaners very necessary to improve the system performance of a desktop PC :~~