Will you use Firefox 3?

firefox-wordmark-verticalOf course I am but not right now because the stable version is not release yet. The current version is Beta 1 which was released last month . I do hope that Firefox 3 will release on 1st January 2008 so we can celebrate New Year with Firefox 3. Who wants to join me? You can submit your application below. Hahaha. I am just kidding. 😀

Firefox 3 is still new (that is why they called it beta) and I am sure that there are many flaws, bugs, etc on it. Although there are many Firefox supporters and beta testers who are testing the beta version and keeps upgrading it to the perfect version but it is for sure still many bugs that need to be fixed.

The most crucial part is security. All of us don’t want our valuable data can be compromised by crackers and can be clearly viewed by others when we surf websites. I don’t mention hackers here because for me hackers are the good one. Crackers are the bad one. Both of them are in the same field but in wearing different hat. Ever heard about White Hat Hackers and Black Hat Hackers? Both are belong to them.

So far, I am happy with my Firefox It is stable, supports almost extensions available, and 98% flawless. I do not know where the other 2% go but there is no perfect applications in this world right? So we cannot say that this app is 100% in good condition and flawless. We can’t guarantee it.

So what is the point I made this article? Just want to say that I hope they will fasten up the release and make sure to fix the memory leak issue in Firefox 2 so it will not happen in Firefox 3. Argh! What am I talking about…