Do not download Windows Genuine Advantage Notification update

My friend was having trouble with his PC and he had to format it. He decided to install not genuine Windows XP SP2 from the CD that he bought sometime ago. After everything has finished, he ran the security updates to patch his PC and there are various updates available. One of it is Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Notification update.


He wants to download all the updates but I stopped him from doing so. He asked me why and I told him to remove the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification from the selection.

Why he should download the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification if he is using not genuine copy? If he downloads that update, of course his computer will not pass the validation test and he will get this annoying notification when each time he boots up the Windows.


But how about if you accidentally downloaded the WGA update?

There are various methods that you can use. One of the super easy ways is by using RemoveWGA. It is a small application that will tell you if WGA notification is active on your PC and allows you to remove the WGA notification from your system. This application will not harm your PC so it is safe to keep it.

However, if you have a legit copy of Windows, for sure you will not need to face all this stuff right? So, get the genuine copy then.


  1. i prefer to install this upgrade,then remove this with wga crack
    then u will have "validated version of windows" hehe

  2. nice trick you have there novatech!

  3. thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx