GrabMyAds – Helping bloggers earn better and easier

Today I got an invitation email from GrabMyAds. But hey, what is GrabMyAds? Then I clicked on the link and it sent me to GrabMyAds website.


GrabMyAds – Helping bloggers earn better and easier is another advertising company based in Malaysia. They just launched their service on 21st November 2007. It is still new but not sure how new it really is (read my post below). So we have three advertising companies in Malaysia — GrabMyAds, Nuffnang and Advertlets. So what makes GrabMyAds is different than the others?

Hurm…I don’t see any clear differences between three of them but what I can say is, GrabMyAds target blogs as their main customer. There is no traffic qualification needed. Even you have zero visit per day you still can participate in this advertising programme. They also will give you real time statistics and detailed reports about your blogs after you put their script into your blog.

They said that you can earn more income if you join them and there is no fixed amount for every ads. Maybe that is why they use “Helping bloggers earn better and easier” tagline. The advertisers will choose you if they like to have their products on your blog. It is the same ways like Nuffnang and Advertlets. Every advertising company do the same way, maybe.


All payment requests will be collected before the 7th of every month. And they need 30 days for processing the payment. You will get cheque once you have earned RM50.00 or more. And yes, the currency they use is in Ringgit Malaysia. So you don’t have to worry with that.

Btw I am still wondering. The domain has been registered since 14th November 2006 but they just launched their service on 21st November 2007. That’s mean GrabMyAds is older than Advertlets but it is not well known. And another thing is, GrabMyAds is not hosted on dedicated server. I am afraid that their server will getting slow when there are many bloggers join their service. Better they upgrade it now.

Well…if you want to earn more money from your blog, you can join GrabMyAds. Who said bloggers can’t earn money right? So take this opportunity and start earning. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the comment.

    Our domain registered long time ago, but our development is just a start.

  2. But if you guys want to do business I really hope that you host your website on dedicated server. At least it will convincing people that you are serious in this game.

  3. Thanks for your opinion.

      We do have a dedicated server ready to move in, we will be moving to dedicated server in coming week, porting task is already been started, please be patient.  

    We are happy that we still can maintain the server load, its a good job by our programmer.

    Thanks for your email, i will email your personally when we already migrate to our dedicated server.

    Curt Ooi

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  5. #small stripes – Ha3. I have read your article. 😀

  6. so wat u think?  

  7. hurm..looking foward to try it on my blog..
    ok ke bende ni cypher?