Coloured Labels and AIM in Gmail

Gmail team is working hard currently. There are more new features have been added in our Gmail. Days ago, they have put group chat and new emoticons. And here are another two new features that will give more kicks to our Gmail.

Coloured Labels

If you are using labels in your Gmail, you might want to use this feature. Coloured labels will make you easier to manage and notice which emails belong to which labels.

colouredlabels scrshot

How to set the colour? At your Labels panel, click on the square to the right of a label and choose your favourite colour from the colour palette. The page will automatically refresh and the label will be changed according to the colour you choose. Read more about Gmail Labels…


Another new feature is AIM. AIM is mostly use in US. Maybe that is why Gmail team decided to allow users login AIM from Gmail.

aim scrshot

To use this AIM in Gmail, you first need to sign in your AIM account from Gmail. From there, you will able to start chatting with your AIM buddies directly from Gmail. Chatting with your AIM friends is like chatting with your other Gmail friends. Click on the name and start “punching” your keyboard. Read more about AIM in Gmail…


  1. mmm..i juz write about my post,there is some interesting part in gmail..if you get attachment file in Docs,Excel or PowerPoint can edit it online with Google Docs..

  2. Hi, i was wondering your comment in is really true. That there is promotion for celcom that for 384kbps you cna get up to 3.5G for 384kps package if you sign up before feb 2008?

    I visited an celcom outlet and the staff never told me anything about this. Just added your site to my favorite list.

    hoping you can reply soon.


  3. #awq_zar – Yeah. I have noticed about it awhile ago. 🙂

    #ben – Before this we were able to surf more than 384kbps in UTM even we subscribe the RM68 package. But now they have cut our speed. So we only can surf at 384kbps.