Makcik PC – The World Slimmest PC

Makcik PC, I was laughed when I heard that word came out from Malaysia Prime Minister mouth when he launched this Makcik PC at Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. I don’t know why the developer, MIMOS, named the world slimmest PC as Makcik PC. Why not name it with other coolest name such as myPC or myComp or anything that relates to Malaysia.


Anyway, here are some of Makcik PC specs:

  • Price RM500 – RM1000
  • Weight about 800gram
  • Built in Flash memory
  • Touch screen (no keyboard)
  • 16in wide screen
  • Easy accessiable
  • Equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, WiMax

The purpose Malaysia release this Makcik PC is because we want to reduce the technology gaps between town and outside-town areas. We want all Malaysians will able to have a PC in home. Maybe that is why MIMOS want to use Makcik PC for the branding because their targeted customers are peoples who live outside town.

But I am still thinking that the price is not cheap. As we know, not many peoples who live in village and outside town have high incomes. Maybe they need to reduce the price a little bit if they really want all Malaysians can afford a PC. Anyway, I still support Malaysia even we called this slimmest PC in the world as Makcik PC. I know it is not easy to develop a PC by our own. But at least we have something that we can start with. Maybe after this we can do more researches and develop an advance PC based from Makcik PC.

How about you? What is your opinion? Will you buy this PC for your family?


  1. i dont agree with what is said above. i live outside the town and i think i can still afford to buy it. Nowadays, the price for mobile phone for secondary skool student surpasses rm 500. so to say that the price is still expensive is unreasonable!

  2. I said not many. Not all peoples who live outside the town. 🙂

  3. mimos? heh.. gud luck mak cik pc.! i wonder when it would last to your bin. But, looking at it spec, it sure something.. 🙂 Hope it got 2 years warranty (100% more than usual.). G, ko kaya, buy me 1. Haha. Letak kat bilik nanti.

  4. i do not agree with makcik pc….. you know why the name!!!

  5. well well, is this a real pc at all?

    or just more likely to PDA and any other so called embedded computer??

  6. ali allah ditta says:

    The kampung mak chiks are struggling to put food on their table,what more with is RM500 piece of Mak Chik? Do U think the they can afford this,when they cannot even pay for their children fees.


  7. Hey.. Me also want a PC!

  8. mmm..after makcik pc..malaysia still have the new invention..M50,malaysia first HP with cool multimedia function..take a look at my blog k..peace..

  9. Pakcik PC will come out soon, cheaper than his ‘wife’ ;))

  10. wow..this is gross… can even see pak lah in youtube..

  11. Lol… How come Pakcik PC? Btw thanks for sharing janice. 🙂

  12. how bout screwing there?

  13. haha..gurau jelah bro ;))

  14. haha..gurau jelah ;))

  15. next version must be a "Pakcik PC". LOL.

  16. Alan Briggs says:

    I may be able to put together a new set of customers for this PC, but I need the actual specifications. How do I reach the manufacturers, please?

  17. i dun think mimos has provided any details on this..

    but i found this website

    u wanna sell it? but i think the language in the pc is not english

  18. 'bapak' PC bila nak keluar?  ekeke

  19. Yup. The language is Malay because as I said in my article their target is those who live outside town.

    Zairul – Maybe next year la… :p

  20. Is that pc? I thought that was Nintendo or Gameboy Advance. 😛

  21. Great effort for Malaysia.. Malaysia Boleh…

  22. letak name ape la ni.. ngarut tol.. letak la name commercial sikit..

    kalu ltak makcik pc.. utk mak cik je la.. tp target dia utk sume org luar bandar.. hak hakhak.. takkan la sume org dok luar bandar makcik blaker..

    kalu nak target bdk skolah bli? hahahah.. lagi la menyimpang dngn name..


    lg 1.. OS dia guna tu os ape tah..
    awal awal ni musti banyak kurang..

  23. #Abah PC – Duh… It is a PC but smaller one.

    #pOR – Don't know what OS in that Makcik PC. Perhaps they built their own.

  24. Hmm… So, i really a pc haa. can we playing online games or chat with other pep using this  device?? in my 2nd expression, i look an atm machine… lol

  25. The soon to be launched CyberTablet looks cool with a classy name.. I might consider having one of those for my Gfx class… Should really help with a tablet PC on hand.. And some high end desktop 😛

  26. Did you see the tagline on
    "Now everyone can Cyber" … what the?? Helllooo…"cyber" is NOT a verb-lar… How to sell this PC?? Probably millions in product development but will get screwed with RM0 for marketing. Typical MIMOS. We malaysians always do things half way and waste a lot of money.

  27. God Point Lily. Did you find a shadow inside that device? I believe his the one who created this thing (do know what to call this device). He must be an alien who built the pyramid and stonehance. This is god news for Malaysian. Alien started to work with Malaysian. 😛 lo l

  28. what an asshole name…

  29. I think its a branding strategy. maybe its not the real name since it looks like more to pda. Makcik PC? weird rite? but people talking about it and create hustle and bustle in the market. Come on support malaysian industry!!

  30. disadvantages???

  31. heheh cantik…the slimmest pc 2…oke what…nama makcik?apsal nak pelik…semua tu tarikan…b open minded…xnak beli x payah bisng2..hihihi ade duit beli yg mahal…xde duit sgt beli yg murah…xde duit sgt2..beli beras masak nasi bg anak bini makan sudeyyy

  32. Idea tu macam ada, tapi macam banyak kelemahan ja dari segi konsep tu sendiri. Buat apa buat portable, nipis kalau targetnya adalah memakcik dan pepakcik di kawasan luar bandar?

    Macam tu juga dengan dia punya availability Wimax apa semua tu yang sudah pastinya tak ada kat luar bandar. Bandar-bandar pun banyak yang tak dak lagi. Buang semua spec yang tak perlu tu, boleh dapat harga RM300 apa. nanti nak bayar internet bebulan lagi. tak terjual la benda ni. kehh..

    Well, idea dia mungkin untuk makcik-makcik boleh beremail dan berwebcam dengan anak-anak yang duduk jauh. So, focus kat situ sudahlah. Tak payah ternipis dan portable, wimax, bluetooth apa semua tu. Memakcik ni dan pepakcik ni nak on komputer pun takut, camna nak guna benda-benda kompleks-kompleks… so, keep it simple…