WP Plugin: Site Statistics v1.6

Just to let you know that I have upgraded my Site Statistics plugin to version 1.6. This new version contains the fix for the WordPress 2.3 categories issue.

WordPress has changed the way it handles the database. The categories table has been changed to terms table. That is why plugins that point to categories table will get an error saying that the categories table is not exist.

Just in case for those who don’t want to download Site Statistics v1.6, you can fix it by yourself by open the plugin file with your favourite text editor. Then, find and replace “categories” to “terms” and upload the edited plugin file to your plugins folder.

Btw, I will not support WordPress version 2.2 and below from now on. In fact, there is no problem if you are using Site Statistics v1.5 on your WordPress 2.2 and WordPress 2.1. Site Statistics v1.6 is only for WordPress 2.3 onwards. If you have any problems regarding this plugin, feel free to send me email or leave them in the comment form below.

Download: cypher_site-statistics.zip (version 1.6)


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