I’m using New Version of Gmail

I just noticed today that I am using the new version of Gmail. I noticed it when I saw my email address is being displayed at the title bar. You will not see this if you are using the older version.


Then, to make it confirm, I saw beside the Settings, there is a link to Older Version. I clicked it and it sent me to the older version and there is no email address being displayed at the title bar.


Then what next? I went check out the new features like the Contacts manager, the More Actions drop-down menu, Chat.

Contacts Manager

More Actions menu

Chat popup

I don’t think these new improvements will help me using Gmail because almost of the time I use Gmail is just to read and write email. I thought this new version includes with new interface but it isn’t. If Google rebuild the interface, I will really happy because the current design is kind of boring because I have using Gmail for more than 2 years now.

Maybe there is a reason why they did not change the interface. Speed, maybe. But both version seems equal. I don’t see any difference in term of speed between them.

But anyway, for more info about Gmail new version, you can go check Google blog, Gmail’s New Version Is Now Available. And there is one more thing, I’m wondering when will Google remove the Beta thingy from their Gmail logo?

Tip: If you are using older version, try using this link, http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2#inbox when you have login to your Gmail account. It will brings you to the New Version. It works for me but maybe it works because I already can use the New Version. But you can try it though and please tell me the result. Thank you.