Servers in Malaysia and Sweden hosted virus

There is a report saying that recent virus attacks regarding the email containing malicious PDF files are coming from servers in Malaysia and Sweden.

“The emails, sent in bulk, looked like credit-card statements, and contained an attachment called ‘report.pdf’,” chief research officer Mikko Hypponen said in a statement.

When such PDF files are viewed on vulnerable machines, they start downloading software from servers in Malaysia or Sweden, which are now being cleaned, he said. “There will be more such attacks.”

-Mikko Hypponen (F-Secure Chief Research Officer)

To prevent your PC from being infected, a new security update for Adobe Acrobat Reader has been released a few days ago. But there is a question that I want to ask, what should we do to the company who hosted the server in Malaysia? Maybe we might need to ban the provider. Because of them, Malaysia get bad reputation in security and IT field.

PDF files used to attack computers [via Colbert Low]


  1. I agree with that..the provider should be ban..what is the use giving service that can harm the user..

  2. ramai yang buat spamming dan warez host kat malaysia terutama di virtual hosting