5 tips to increase Adsense earnings

I’m not the expert in Adsense but I would like to share my experience and knowledge about how you can increase your Adsense earnings. I’m sure many of you already know what is Adsense. Adsense is a way for you as the publishers to earn money from your site. As for the advertisers, you can get more traffics to your website by using the advertising programme from Adsense. It is a win-win situation. Ok, let’s go to the main point of this article, 5 tips to increase Adsense earnings .

The first time I got accepted into Google Adsense programme, I was so excited because I know that I can start making big money from it. But I was wrong. By get accepted into Adsense does not mean you can earn the money easily. The money that I got for the first five months were very low. It was about $2 or $3 per month. But after I read articles, do some experiments, asked opinions from Adsense experts other Adsense users, I end with these tips. And these tips have increase my Adsense earnings.

1. Use large ad size – First what I did to my site was, I use large ad size. The theory is simple. The bigger the size, the higher chances the visitors will click the ads. Large ad size serves more ads (3 or 4 ads per ad unit) and it gives more choices for visitors to click.

2. Place above the article – Next, put the ad unit above the article. As you can see on my website, the ad is placed above the article, below the title. So far, this is the best place if you want to place your Adsense ad. My CTR has increased since I put the large rectangle ad on that place.

3. Choose same colour – Third, make sure that your ad scheme colour is same with your website scheme. The ad background colour should be the same with your website background colour. This implies to the link and the text. Some readers might thought that they are links from your site and not ads. So your chance to earn more money will increase.

4. Use two or three ads – Don’t place many Adsense ad on a page. This will reduce the high paying ads to be clicked. Only use two or three ads on a page. This can ensure only high paying ads will be displayed on your site. And put them above of your site. Some readers will not scroll down to read your article. So better you put the ads at the top. In WordPress, you can do a trick where you can display Adsense only in the first article.

5. Advertise! – If you want the money, you must pay for it. Instead of waiting readers to come to your site from the search engine or from other sources, you also need to advertise your website to other websites. From the advertising you make, you will get more readers to come visiting your website. When there are many more visitors, more clicks you will get. That is why advertisers don’t mind to pay for an advertisement. I advertised my site on some high traffics websites like LiewCF, Tech Buzz, JohnTP and some other websites which I think can drive me more traffics. The result, my site traffics boost and so do the earnings.

I hope with these 5 tips, it can help you to increase your Adsense earnings. If your earnings still at the same level, then it might be that these tips only work on my site. But if your Adsense earnings increase, email me or leave me a comment so I know that my tips work, not only for my site but also to my reader’s website. If you are happy, I am also happy — Adsense for advertisers, Adsense for publishers. 🙂


  1. thanks for nice tips..google adsense take a long time to optimize it with my blog..lol!

  2. Beside than the ads placement, there are some other things that you need to do. For an example, use the ignore tag to ignore unnecessary area on your website from being crawl by the adsense bot.

  3. the tips is great..thanks

  4. interesting.. might try it on my website soon!

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  9. Hi handsome.. do you have known any adsense for putting on malay page? He.. or u got some better idea?

  10. You can put Adsense code on your website but the ads might not relevan because not many advertisers join in Malay campaigns.

  11. adsense is surely more difficult to handle compare a few year ago. Some basic tips still applicable to apply but the more important issued here is how to get unique hits per day compare to high impression only. Some of my site got more than 1k impression per day and zero click and another site just get more than 35 UV/day but got 1 click that worth more than usd1.

    so, this is the game of trial and error. If your ads already 1 month and then income is decreased slowly do some trick here. Change your ads location and try another type of ads.

  12. sometimes, choosing a different adsense color from your
    blog template colour can increase your adsense earning..
    btw,thanx for the information.. xD

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    Thanks a lot for these great and valuable information regarding placing add, and color combination etc etc.
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