Text Link Ads uses TinyURL

I got an email today from Text Link Ads regarding their new affiliate URLs. In that email they stated that TLA has begun using TinyURL service to shorten and secure their affiliate links.


I’m not sure what kind of mechanism TinyURL uses to secure the affiliate links. As far as I know, TinyURL is use to hide and shorten the URLs only but not to secure them. But I need to replace all of my TLA affiliate links that I use on my website to the new URL. I have to do this because after one week from now, the old TLA affiliate link will not work anymore.

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  1. I also get the same email. I don’t know the real reason behind this but with a hosted domain, I can mask an affiliate link easily…

  2. I think it is a really stupid move on their part, but I guess the purpose is to mask that they are actually affiliate links?

    I use a Link Counter, so I only had to update this and the links updated sitewide.

  3. securing?? hell no.. no encryption at all with tiny url.. just lamely bcuz to hide the links and to make sure all their affiliates gets clicks.. LOL

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