Redirect from non to www prefix

I love this plugin, Enforce www. Preference. I actually have looking for this plugin since I know about SEO and concern about being penalized by search engines. By redirecting your website from non www to www prefix, it will increases your chance to get higher place in SERP.

The idea is simple. For an example, click on this link.

Even the url above not has www prefix, the plugin will redirect it to the same article but with www prefix as the link below.

If you still confuse, search engines will penalized website which have same content even the articles hosted on the same domain. But, search engines treat those two urls as different domains. That is why you need to use this plugin to redirect your articles url to only one address.


  1. a simple script at the .htaccess will do the trick just fine..


  2. i did that before but it only works when people comes from not from :d

  3. oh, but theres quite a few different redirect codes available.
    the one that im using now doesnt have the problem you faced.

    i got mine from a friend, …


  4. maybe you can share with us the code here. he3.

  5. if thats the case, the better way to share is by entering your Review Me contest.. :d

  6. so what you are waiting for? start writing. :p

  7. erm.. tapi kan, aku punye blog – Page Rank 0 – Page Rank 4

    camane tu?:d

  8. well, google regards and are two different sites. Thats why kite kena gune this redirection module / script. 🙂

  9. macam yang aku cakap, ianya sebab google lihat dua domain tu berbeza even ia merupakan website yang sama. ngerti pak? :d