Comment Quicktags Reloaded is an alternative

Comment Quicktags plugin causing problem in WordPress 2.2 where it breaks your website layout. But thanks to Ibrahim Ali Faour for his effort to fix the errors in the plugin.

Comment Quicktags Reloaded is an alternative for the original Comment Quicktags plugin. This plugin will display quicktags above the comment textarea. These tags are really useful for me and my site readers to give their comments.

Instead of writing HTML code to make the text bold, italic, blockquote, etc, by using this plugin, it can be done for you instantly. Click the link below to download the plugin. For a live demo, just scroll down to my comment form below and you will see the quicktags I’m saying about.

Download Comment Quicktag Reloaded


  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. Which one that you don't agree?