Rapidshare Tool: The Grabber 1.4.8 released

Earlier version, The Grabber was not working because Rapidshare has modified their code. But thanks to CodeMaster for this new release, The Grabber 1.4.8 is now working and you can download files instantly from Rapidshare.


What’s new?

  • fixed rapidshare.com grabber
  • fixed rapidshare.com link checker
  • added huawei tool for renewing IP address for ADSL users(Supported hardware: SmartAX MT882 ADSL Router/Modem) – currently we support only USB mode, next version will alow to specify router address (it is now set to — you can configure your router to that address anyway so it will work in “Network Mode” — i.e. when connected to the LAN NIC))

Download The Grabber 1.4.8

Finally, Team CodeMasters Has Updated The Grabber [via Raymond.CC Blog]


  1. kalo kat cc boleh guna tak menda nie..? /:)

  2. hu3. not sure about that. :d

  3. kene ade account premium ke?

  4. tak perlu. just download macam biase.

  5. Here is a mirror link. It is version 1.4.8. It has over 21000 live proxy servers in the proxy list. Woo!! http://rapidshare.com/files/46.....rabber.zip

  6. My firewall does not let me download this file. Is it a virus?

  7. it looks good

  8. ade x sape2 yg ade tools/software nk cari proxy??
    freeware yaa….

    archive password: in next message

  10. archive password:
    ENJOY !


  11. passwords changed…shit…grrrr

  12. kat cc boleh gune..

    aku penah cube..

  13. i tried many times but nothing

  14. What do you mean nothing?

  15.   lllllllllll
    d  0.0  b
     \   o    /

    maksud die dah tak boleh gune dah software tu.
    aku pun try gak mmg takley.
    klu sape yg masih gune lagi tu.
    bagila feedback skit. dan camne gune nye.

  16. please download as low as you can

    do not change password


  17. Excelente!!

  18. friends please send me free downloading link and tips

  19. SNOWBOARD says:

    Es indispensable el password de Proxy, no funciona sin el y dudo que alguien lo done

  20. Arindam Patra says:

    Please inform me how to work with CMS Grabber.

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  22. it doesn’t work maybe

  23. Works with megaupload premium link generator
    complete their survey and off you go ๐Ÿ˜€
    also works with rapidshare

    my advice go read their FAQ first

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